Monday, April 1, 2013

F$!@%ing Computers....

So, show of hands, who read that as 'fricking'.... Because that's totally what was going through my head.

It's been a while, I know. Long story short, my trusty old computer has typed it's last. It will start up, but that's it. No logging on, not windows recovery mode, nothing. Just a big ol' blue windows screen and an error message that it cannot log in because it now references the memory at 000x000... of which there is no location.
I feel like it should just say "You're screwed! Have a nice day!"

So buh-bye six years of pictures, all of those college papers that I wrote and random documents. Buh bye old computer with the missing 'i' key. I guess it wasn't meant to last.
I mean, I did have that computer for the past 6 years, through three rough years of college and two cross country moves... And it turns out that the tech help guys just laughed when I lugged that dinosaur in for repairs. Evidently computers don't have a decade long lifespan and a half a dozen years on one computer in nearly unheard of- but I'm poor, so I tried to save it, to no avail.

So I am now on a loaner computer that I borrowed from a friend. I'll see if I can access some pictures from my camera to keep this blog from getting too boring. No promises, though.

So let's see what's happened in the mean time....

Well, the vet came out, so I had spring time shots, coggins and teeth done on the ponies. Delight didn't get her teeth done because the vet thought they looked good, and a full round of shots/coggins/teeth for the whole herd would beggar me.
So Deli pony got off with just shots and coggins with a tentative teeth appt for this summer. Luck mare.

 Tilly was not so lucky. She had an ulcer on the left side from some points and closer inspection uncovered a partial wolf tooth, which was a  surprise. It looked like the previous vet might have broken the tooth off and now the fragment was growing out. No wonder she's been fussy in the bridle. A little sedation, a little drilling and a little pulling later, she's a happy camper. I did give her a week off after the wolf tooth extraction because she did seem pretty tender from it, and was quite uncomfortable holding a bit for a few days afterwards (I did lunge her, just to check her progress). But now, a week later, she's right as rain and I've had a few nice rides on her.
 Nex up was RC who had a bigger issue. He had the beginning of a wave and some teeth starting to dominate and push the matching teeth out of line. So he was next. We hardly needed to sedated him for t=his drilling, he was so chill about the whole thing.
I just love having the best behaved horses on the farm.... It makes me look like a complete professional. Oh, you want to drill on my show horses, have at it. They will stand. HA! Love it when they make me look good.

Of course we also got more snow/miserable weather (come on spring where are you?), so I did have a complete spring cleaning day where I pulled manes, banged tails, curried clouds of hair out of the ponies and generally mad them presentable to the public again.
Delight rocking the training braids. 

Tilly, before the mane taming, looking like a feral pony
  And I know this is a super blurry picture of RC's tail.... but it actually reaches teh ground when he's trotting! I'm so proud of my folically challenged guy!

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  1. Oh no, sorry your computer died. That's the worst.