Friday, April 12, 2013

Not a Good Week for the Tillner

More sporadic postings, thanks to my computerless state. Really, I do hate not having a computer.
More snow? Where's Spring?!?!?!

Anyway, last weekend I the farrier came. No biggie, right? I own three very well trained, very easy to trim horses. Unfortunately, instead of being having their pedicures done at my happy, warm and safe barn, I am still boarding.
Damn this winter thing.

And seeing as I am such a busy little trainer spreading the word of dressage, I tried to get to the barn bright and early (since I had a 10am lesson at another barn). I was there at 7:30, well before anyone else showed, even the farrier.
I brought RC back in and brushed him up, lunged him for a few before putting him in his stall to patiently await the farrier.
Then I went out to get Tilly.

As I was leading her in from the back shelter, another horse in her pasture ran at us.
Tilly ran backwards until she hit the end of the lead rope, then she was stuck. The other horse continued after her, knocked her down and took some big bites out of her while she was down. I managed to beat the other horse off of Chantilly using Delight's halter.
Poor Tilly has three big hematomas even after a week off.

I went through the proper channels to get  the horses rearranged and went out the next day to find the Other Horse keeping Chantilly off of the round bale that all four horses in the pen share. There were other witnesses to that, so it's not like I'm overreacting or just have a grudge against the horse; The Other Horse had to go.
So I put her in with her owner's other horse. Problem solved. But I am waiting for the blow up from the other owners... The drama in the horse world just keeps giving.

And now, as Tilly is just about ridable again, a different horse went over the fence and kicked the crap out of her. And now she's lame again.

Good thing that I wasn't planning on bringing her to the show at the end of the month.

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