Friday, April 19, 2013

What's a Four Letter Word that Starts with 'S'?

Listen, I know I've been pretty monothematic recently.  And in all honesty, I love it up here. I really do.
I liked watching the seasons change.
I enjoyed being able to use colorful and fun scarves.
I love that I've gotten my money's worth out of my Gersemi barn coat after wearing it every day for the last six months.

But really, it's gotten stale. It's mid-April, for pete's sake! It should be sunny and warm! I should be able to wake up and watch the horses eating outside. But no. It's 20 degrees and snowing sideways.

No, it's not evening. I took this picture as I arrived at the barn at noon. It was practically white-out conditions; so all lessons were canceled and all I had on my plate for the day was making sure my ponies were happy, healthy and not too hungry.
Who is that pretty pony in the mirror?
 I started with Delight. Brought her in, stripped her blanket off and put the cooler on to help soak up some of the ice/water on her. As Deli was drying, I ran out to get Tilly.
I stripped off her blanket and turned her out in the arena while Deli was drying in the barn. Because everyone was inside for the day, there was only one open stall. After hanging up blankets in the warm room to get some of the ice off of them and dry them out for a while, I turned Deli and RC out with Tilly.

"Oh, someones here!"
 As luck would have it, Tilly's in heat so she spent the whole turnout time flirting with RC, who remained confused by her motives to get close to him so he continued to act tough until further notice.
Let's all get along
So, all in all it's been an uneventful day. No riding, no lessons and lots of snow with more on the way. I think I'm going to take a nap.

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