Friday, May 17, 2013

An Update.

Well its been another gap between postings, I know. But hey, its not easy being me... I mean I have a farm to make presentable, horses to work, and a barn to clean. 
This is how poodles help with barn chores...
 And poodles to deburr after their romp in the swamp. They will be lucky to escape a full body shave before spring's over.
"You can't see me"
Anyway, its been a full wek. I've worked ponies and RC. RC's a champ, per usual and the ponies... well they are quite the ride. Not to say that I don't enjoy the ride, but sometimes I wish I bought well trained horses that I could just hop on and go. Of course this thought stays for about half a second, but its there.
Tilly and I are working on getting her solid on the outside rein. She'd love to just chill on the left rein 24/7, no matter which direction we're going, but that's not really conducive to  an upper level dressage horse, so straight and supple we go! Lots of serpentines and circles, but we're getting better. Which is good since we're 8 days out from our first show.
I like to think that I hand select my Sport Ponies based on their work ethic....
Delight has her moments. When she gives me her back and losens her shoulders, it's like riding a pony Totilas. Amazing. I really makes me wish that I was showing her this year, but I've made my plan, and I'm sticking with it. And that's that.

Which leads me to my 'around the house' project.... Wasps. 
I don't knwo where they came from or when they showed up, but I've been invaded. They have taken up residence in several eves and I'm not a fan. 
The little nest
Can you spot the big next?

Here it is!
Fortunatly Walmart had a deal on a 2 pack of wasp spray with a 27 foot spray. Bingo. Hasta, suckers!

Normaly I would love nothing more that to make my anti-wasp adventures into a thrilling documentary, but I've had a shitty day on the personal life side of things, so you'll just have to take the abridged version.

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