Wednesday, May 1, 2013

There's No Place Like Home....

So today was the day. All of the ponies came home.Of course I took full advantage of the indoor arena prior to our departure since I assumed that introducing three tired horses to each other in a new situation might be easier and smoother than throwing three fit show horses our together on a cool windy day.
It was a thought....
"We're ready!"
I will say that I have had three amazing rides in a row on Delight, so I'm more than looking forward to riding her out in a full sized arena  (finally!). Even Tilly has really got her stuff together this week... Show season here we come!

Anyway, back to the story.

I rode the horses, loaded all of their gear then drove them home. I had one section of fence that I wanted to fix before I turned them out into the 'sacrifice pasture' that I have freshly fenced off; so the horses went into the barn to enjoy some of my nice timothy hay for half an hour before I kicked them out.

I started with Delight, because she's the most self-secure pony that I have. If she's out all by her lonesome, she's not going to get overly worried about anything.

They seem quiet...
Next out was Tilly, because she's my least secure pony. I really didn't want to leave her by herself either in the barn or out in the field.
The mares said 'hi'... then it got exciting.
 There was some leaping.

There was some squealing.
 There was some bucking....
Even from Tilly!
After five minuted for so of showing off how athletic they really can be when not held back by their rider, both mares chilled enough to snatch some bites of hay. I took that as a sign that they were ready for the Instigator. 
"Oh look! Food!"
Enter, Mr. RC.
Dramatically, per his usual.
"Dun da-dun DA! Here comes RC!"
"Trot on!"

"OK, two minute breather, guys"

"Watch me BUCK!"

"Oh, Hi Alison. Any treats?"

I'd really rather not ride that movement

And Tilly gets in on the game. 

Finally, a nice calm herd.
So... now everyone's home and the real work can begin!


  1. Yay! They look so happy to be there :)

  2. Talk about kicking up their heels! Looks like a happy day all around.