Monday, May 27, 2013

Chantilly's Grand Adventure

This past weekend was my first horse show of the season. Or rather the first horse show of the season where I too have brought one of my ponies. Prior to the show, I was wavering back and forth "Should I bring Delight? I mean Tillner needs the experience, but Delight is so much more solid. What if Tillner loses her shit and I'm out 60 bucks?"

So I sucked it up and brought the Tillner.
But I didnt bring my trailer, which led to precision packing of the truck
And she didn't lose her shit. As a matter of fact, we had a darn good show. Her warmup on Friday was pretty "up and excited", to put it nicely...But there were no witnesses, so it's like it never happened. Her perfect pony reputation remains in tact.
Horse show poodle was wiped out
The way the show was set up made it pretty easy for me to train and show. The jrs rode in the morning and the adults were after lunch, so I could get all of my nervous students and their horses through their tests before worrying about the Tillerina. Unfortunately this meant that she didn't get her little pony mane braided, but if that's the worst that happens at a schooling show, I'll take it. Know what I mean?
It's not easy being horse show poodles
Anyway, My group walked away with bunches of blues, High Point jr, High point Adult and High point overall (* coughTillycough*). I'd say that it was a good show.

Excellent Show, Ladies.
And since Tilly's scores from this show were a respectable 73% and 75% at training level, I think that she's ready for the big leagues. 

And then, the next day was the clinic with the judge from the schooling show, Jesse Collins. It's been a long time since I've taken a lesson. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Warming up with Annie still in the arena.
Don't we look tiny...
Jesse asked what our biggest issue was, and I had to say connection on the right rein. Tilly has a tendency to hang on the left, no matter which direction we're going, so I have been giving the rein away (oops) since I thought the resistance came from too strong of a contact. This is why one needs lessons.
Trot, Trot, Pony
By the end of the lesson we were working of collecting and lengthening her in the trot and before transitions. I think that I really progressed, and honestly can't wait for another lesson.
 And now, more pictures:
More trot, this time actually using the right rein

Awww, pony

Pretty sure that I didn't know how to ride, here. 

Pony Canter

Back and forward at the trot

The sum total of Pony Resistance

Awww Pony.

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