Sunday, May 12, 2013

Go Home Winter. You're Drunk.

So... Saturday was a crappy day. I mean  for me personally, it wasnt bad... But weather-wise, it sucked. It was cold and windy and had spurts of icy rain. I was thinking that it couldnt get too much worse....

And today I woke up to this:
That's right. Snow on May 12. Ridiculous, I say! Ridiculous!

 On the plus side, Bacon was ready to help me with my chores. By the way, have you met my awesome new chores wagon? I assembled it myself with very few droppings of the F Bomb. So we'll chalk that up as a success, shall we?
"Uh, Alison.... This cart isnt gonna pull it's self!"
 Of course since my herd was in for over 12 hours yesterday (hey, what kind of horrible horse owner could look into Tilly's big brown eyes and condemn her to stand out in the rain?), everyone was more than ready to escape the barn this morning.

This grumpy face brought to you courtesy of RC

More snow...

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