Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day of Summer!

Summer's here! Brings to mind cute sundresses, flip flops and tan lines, right?

Not the biggest rainstorm I've seen in a while?

Thanks, Michigan. Really.
At least my Arena will be watered...
So what's a girl to do when there's no riding and/or training to be done?

How about a little summer cleaning? What's left to organize?  The saddles are all cleaned and stored, the bridles are cleaned and hanging neatly, the brush bag is full but neat and I rearranged my feed storage area earlier this week.

I've got it!
Winter blankets! I have a few hanging around that need to find a (different) place to call home. So I dug out all of my winter blankets, which had been piled into a cardboard box outside of Tilly's stall. I took a quick inventory and folded everything worth saving.

12 blankets of varying weights, 4 fleece liners, 4 coolers, three quarter sheets and two hoods

 Yikes... I guess it's a good think that RC went through a few blankets last winter! On the plus side, I am fully stocked up on 78" and 80" blankets. Unfortunately, I only have one liner and one heavyweight that will fit Tilly. Guess she gets a Christmas gift.
After: 7 easily storable rubbermaid tubs
Of course, much like cleaning out your closed and coming across that high school prom dress that you knew you would have another occasion for so just haven't thrown out, I had to try on some of the equine winter ware that I havent had much use for (yet!).
Delight was not a fan.

Tilly too was subjected to the Hood


  1. Delight looks thrilled to be modeling her hood.

  2. LOL @ Delight's "come closer so I can kill you" expression.

  3. The Pony was not amused... and did not like my laughter.