Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Old and New

 OK... as I'm sure everyone who is any one knows, I recently had a birthday. Of course, said birthday was a a (very good) horse show, so it passed without mention. But what's a birthday without gifts? And cake... But I didn't actually have any cake. Damn.
First up... A gorgeous halter for the Tillner, courtesy of my sister. It's a brown Perri's halter with pink padding... because every pony needs a little pink. It even has her whole name engraved in a fancy-schmancy script. Pony is stylin'.
 Since my parent's just sent a check... I splurged. I bought Tilly a bridle tag, since RC and Delight already have one. Time for her to fit in. Cute, right?
And since it was conveniently helmet awareness week, I bought a Lamicell helmet for under $50 to replace my much loved GPA that may or may not have been compromised in my ejection off of Delight in January.
Better safe than sorry AND late than never, right?
I was worried that it would feel cheap (again, compared to the GR8), but I have to give it the highest compliment that I think a helmet can get: I didn't even notice it while I was schooling the ponies today. Win.

So that's all the new stuff... what's the old?
That box sitting outside of my barn is an old old old tool box that was found in the barn when my mom and I cleaned it out originally. It presumably belonged to/was made by my great uncle Ray, so I thought it was cool enough to be a family heirloom.

Yep, I have the kind of family where hand made old tool boxes are kept.

Unfortunatly it's big and heavy and I really don't need a six foot long toolbox of any sort.
So it was recycled to become a planter! Mounted on the side of the barn a little off the ground to help break up the 'parking lot monotony' that having the monster driveway can inspire.

 It has strawberries!

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