Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh, RC....

Well, yesterday was a typical Monday.
I rode two of the three horses, cleaned the barn, bought feed, went to work, went grocery shopping (looks like it's mac n' cheese this week. Love sales!), taught a lesson then went to go pick up oats and hay... and then crashed into bed by 11.

Perfectly normal day, right?

Anyway, I put the horses in at night to give my pastures a rest (and to give the mares a rest from eachother and RC). They were all excited to come in for dinner, and hung over their stalls chewing as I filled water buckets and talked to them about tomorrows schedule.

Evidently RC did not appreciate being told that he wouldn't be worked until tomorrow.
There are at least two poops in there...
His stall was suspiciously neat... His water bucket was not.
Gross, RC. Gross.

He's so on the docket for tomorrow.

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