Saturday, June 1, 2013

The War is On

Now that the weather has warmed up above the frost point, there's a new issue to deal with in the horse world. We all know it. we all hate it.

 I'm not talking happy little butterflies and bumble bees, I'm talking about gnats, biting flies, and ticks (god, I hate ticks). The kinds of bugs that drive us - and our horses- crazy.

For the last two days, all three of my horses have run themselves into a blowing lather before I could bring them in for dinner to try to escape the bugs. Poor Tilly and RC have big welts all over them.
Being the caring, conscientious horseperson that I am, I Cannot Have This.

My first layer of defense is a liberal application of fly spray...

Followed by a layer of Swat in ears, around eyes, on the belly and udder/sheath...

Top it off with a mosquito mesh sheet (LOVE Schneider's. Literally cannot say enough good things about this sheet)...

And it still isn't enough. So how does one up the ante from flyspray, sheets and fly ointment?

I know you never thought that you'd see the day, but I'm going the supplement route.  And I know that I have never ordered from Smartpack, ever (because, let's face it, who isn't jealous that they didn't have that simple yet brilliant idea and become rich off of other horsepeople?), but that seal has been broken.

As of yesterday, I placed my first Smartpack order.
Stay tuned for a supplement review
Of course, one 'earns' free shipping with an order over $75... Challenge accepted. 
Oh, I kept it reasonable. I only ordered things I needed, like more Swat and Excalibur (tis the season, right?). Oh, and a bridle tag for Tilly. 

See? Only things I absolutely needed.

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  1. Haha, I often rise to the challenge of their free shipping offer as well :) Hope it works!