Thursday, July 25, 2013

Delight's Summer Show

Ahhh.... Well, I survived my final recognized show of the season... well, until the Championships (Chicago, here we come!)

It wasn't my finest show. Now, it wasn't my worst- that dubious honor is still reserved for last year's championships.

Delight and I entered in first level. I was hoping that I could get her qualified in a single show like I did with Tillner... But that was not to be. We missed qualifying by 0.5% with a 65.5% at First level test three and a measly 66% at first level test one.

To be fair, that was a rough judge. I have never seen as many forties (and low forties at that) at a recognized show before. Yikes. I can almost feel bad whining about mid-to-high sixties... But once you've tasted those low-to-mid seventies, you get hooked. At least, I am.

Fortunately, Delight pulled out a 70% in 1-3 on Sunday. Unfortunately, that means that we are halfway to qualifying. It was a nice test, but I think the 70% may have been a tad liberal. I mean, shouldnt I, as the rider, be wowed by a 70% test? I guess not. On the plus side, that means that there's room to grow, score wise. Which is good news, right?

Anyhow, with 7.5 and 8's on our leg yields and 7's on our lengthenings, this show was a definite improvement on last year's championships. Woohoo!
Also, this facility has a few 'turn out' options... So Delight got to graze. What more could a pony want at a show?

Also, pictures to come. I have to steal the SIM card from a student.

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