Thursday, July 11, 2013

Self Reflection

 Sorry for the delay. My parents are in town.
What does that mean?
Projects! Lots of projects!

First we brought some of the old family farm equipment home. And now it is spread across my yard. Great
 But of course, I have now acquired a tractor of my very own. It's very low mileage... and older than my parents. Perfect.

 But, let's face it... Adding equipment to my front yard was the easy part of my week. There were bigger fish to fry, so to speak.

Just to refresh everyone's memories: Last year (or was it two years now?) ago I drove down to Ohio for some mirrors. for a paltry $100, I picked up 13 mirrors and got to spend the weekend with a friend. Win-win, right?
Well, since that trip, those mirrors have been sitting. First stacked against the wall of my barn, then moved down to my basement. To no one's surprise, that does me little good so when my dad asked if I had any projects for this visit I first tried to shrug him off with a "Well, no, not really".
When he persisted, I mentioned the mirrors. Ask, and you shall receive, right?
And so a project was born.
On the north end of my arena, a plan was made. Post holes were dug (and I may or may not have given myself a concussion with a post hole digger).
Beams and plywood were hung and installed.
The mirrors were transported from their basement dwelling one last time (and the poodles helped).

Mirrors were framed in and hung.
And the final product! Pretty epic, amiright?

I have to say, this is a pretty amazing mirror wall. I mean, I can critique my riding all the way across the arena with minimal wave or distortion. Of course, since I only had 42' of mirror for a 66' short side, there are a few blind spots but really, who cares? There are now MIRRORS in MY arena! Like a pro!


  1. All of your projects are so amazing. Seriously.

  2. jealous!! More than jealous...need a word for that!