Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Water Problems... and Breeches!

OK, I'll admit, it's been one of those weeks...

 I woke up yesterday - per usual. Tripped over two poodles as I tried to untangle myself from the sheets to make my way to the bathroom. Again, usual. Fast forward through my morning routine; Everything was all fine and peachy until I went to make some coffee.

No water.

Tried the sink up stairs, the shower, the sink in the basement.... All with the same results. No water.
Checked the breaker, it was fine.
Flipped it one and off, no use.

After calling every plumbing/well services company in the Keewenaw, I finally got someone out to take a look at the well.

As it would turn out, my pump was old. Installed December '87, according to the box in my basement. When I gave the Well Service guy the make and model, he agreed. Actually he said "Damn, that's an old pump!"

Comforting. Really.

But, he had someone available to come on out and take a look and possibly get me up and running by the end of the day. Yay!

When the well tech made it out and pulled off the well cap, the problem became evident. The pipe had rusted through. The only thing keeping the old pump from dropping to the bottom of the well was the binder twine that some thoughtful relative of mine probably tied to the pump just in case anything like this should happen. Good forethought, Metsa's. 

So, five hours and $1500 I have running water again!
And most importantly, I can make coffee.
Tempi says that my cavalettis are no match for her

Hover Poodle!
Now, the upside is that I received the Tailored Sportsman breeches I ordered last week from I saw the promo on COTH, and thought, 'hey, what the heck. I need breeches and I love my old TS breeches', so I sat down and ordered two pairs  (and a goode rider show shirt... but I digress). I ordered one front zip, mid-rise in '50 Shades of Grey' which I like. I love the color and the rise. In hindsight, I wish I would have ordered them in the side zip... but live and learn.
The other pair was a side-zip, mid rise in "Blue Tie Dye". I love the side zip and the higher waist line, but am not crazy about the color. I'm sure it'll grow on my, but at this moment... it's not my favorite.
Since there was a coupon in the box with my breeches, and they offered a coupon for the link (above, check it)... I'd order from there again. As a matter of fact, I think I hear a Goode Rider shirt calling my name...  

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