Thursday, October 3, 2013

And Then There Were Three.... Or Five. No, Six.

So, the Championships are over. Thank god.
No, I did not win. The world is safe from Pony Domination. The Tillner was terrified of each and every judges stand, so I single handedly dropped our show average 20%. Yeah... you read that right. Twenty. Percent.
And she wasn't last.
Delight scores fifteen percent higher with a minimal issue test and came in last.

Fuck this sport.  I don't get it.

Anywhoo... Now it's time to move on to my favorite season at the moment: Fall.

Followed by Spring. Then Summer.
Not you, Winter. Not you. If I had my super-awesome-never-pay-off-this-loan-in-my-lifetime-arena, then maybe we can talk. Until then, I say Good Day!

Anywhoo... What's with that title?
Oh that? I was counting down the number of animals I am currently responsible for.. And I am down to three horses since both of my boarders have moved for winter and Mr. RC has relocated to the sunny south to introduce my mother to the joys to showing the Wonder Pony.
But, I added a dog. Who wakes up at 5. Every. Morning. Court's dog is here for the season, relearning how to be a farm dog after months off lazy suburb-dog-hood.
"Hi. Why are we not up and at 'em?"
So what have I done since the Championships? Not anything horse-related. Well, at least not teach. And I took a whole week off of riding- which turned Delight into a fatty-fat fat-pants.
Yep. They are highly motivated sport ponies. Except for Bacon, zooming in the background. 

 I even went to the beach. It was 60 degrees. I wore jeans. But the dogs had fun.
 Even Tempi.... Fetching rocks in the Lake.
 Scott got wet. And sandy. And loved the cold water.

 Bacon looked stoic and posed by a rock so that I could take one picture without his ears flying wildly.

Oh, and I introduced The Tini to a saddle....
It was a total non-issue. Now we're fine tuning our lunging skills...

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