Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Year, for Halloween I want to be....

A Gingerbread House!

Ta-dah! And done....

Now, for my reaction to my home's choice of costume: WTF? It isn't even November yet! How did I have measurable snow on my front porch (I even had to dig out the snow shovel!). 

This 'early' snow fall is completely wrecking my weather associations as they pertain to the year end holidays. 
That's my front yard

Halloween is supposed to be all fall like with leaves blowing and light jackets out. 
Thanksgiving is colder, with a possible temporary dusting of snow or ice.... which signals my little mind that it is OK to start humming/singing/whistling Christmas Carols
And finally, near Christmas it is allowed to really snow. Like it did on Monday. 

Still a creepy movie...
So here I am, shoveling snow and singing Christmas carols. I blame Walmart... After all, it's hard to tell what time of year it is when I can buy my Halloween candy,  Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas tree all in one trip. 

//Rant Done.

Of course, since I baby all of my animals, at the first whisper of cold rain/snow/snain I pulled out box after box of winter blankets. For me, my horses and my dogs. Tempi has easly the largest array of winter clothing, and she hates it all. Either that or she hates the cold. Or maybe both... evidence proved she's really happiest when buttoned up into my jacket so I carry her around over the snow/wet/cold. 
Farm poodle, right there. 
"My paws are COLD! Pick me UP!"
 Bacon kinda sorta needs a jacket. Really he just loves getting dressed up. But really, isn't blanketing 95% of the time about making the owner feel better? Because I do.
Look! The snow is melting!
And Scott, well. He's a fat guy in a little coat.... But the reflective striping makes it much easier to keep track of him as he runs all over the property living up the farm sheltie life. It's not easy being at dog camp....

Riding through the snow...

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