Monday, October 21, 2013

Let it snow, Let it Snow, Let it.... Wait. What?

Well, today it happened. It snowed this morning. Fortunately nothing worth sticking, just intermittent flurries floating by through the air... 

I groaned. 

But I manned up, telling myself that I am rapidly running out of good riding days. The it started raining in earnest, so I threw hay and went inside for velia and another cup of coffee. 
Good morning. 

As I glared at the thermometer that I have handily mounted outside my kitchen window, I had to replan my morning. Instead of my morning full of riding and training, I went through my admittedly extensive blanket collection, combing my libraries to find something-anything- that would work in the meantime. 
Tilly is proud of her new polka dot blanket
Tilly's new mid weight blanket showed up on Saturday (perfect!), but Tini's had to be returned for a smaller size. Darn tiny Tini... I'm drowning in 78" blankets and I acquire a horse who needs a 74". Of course. Surprisingly I was able to alter RC's BMB blanket enough to get it to fit Tini. Who'd have thunk?
Tini, wedged into RC's baby blanket. 

 After finding appropriate blankets for all three ponies, I settled in for a thorough grooming- the whole nine yards, showsheen, tails and currying wooly winter ponies.
All three mares, enjoying their blankets

By the time that I finished grooming Delight, the weather had changed from cold and raining to chilly and partly sunny, partly snowy. So I did what any reasonable rider would do. I took Deli out for a bareback ride.... In the snow. And you know what, it was a really fun ride. Yay. 
Snow Pony! Again. 
Now here's hoping that Tini's blanket is on it's way.

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