Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Rain Is Gone...

For now.

Well, yesterday it was 40 and raining, so all three ponitas got a day indoors. Yep, 24 hours in a stall for three young horses. And I couldn't ride. Terrible, right?

Plus side is that I got my dishes done. Yay me. Oh, and stalked all over eBay for saddle options... but more on that later.

I worked Tilly, who has finally stopped moping about how she doesn't get shoes anymore. One set of shoes, and you'd think that I'm torturing her to make her go back au naturale. Mares, sheesh. 

Then I worked Tini, who was amazing, all things considered. I mean, a three year old Thoroughbred who has been in a stall for over 24 hours, and I aske her to not only wear a saddle -with stirrups, but behave like an adult horse on the lunge. And she did. No spook, no buck, no explosion. She even started to come up over her topline! I may have a sport pony yet. 

And since Delight is still sans saddle, I didn't work her. Instead I turned the herd out and went inside to make myself some hot chocolate. When I came out of the house to head off to work, I heard the dreaded sound of running hooves. 

Fortunately, it was just my herd kicking up their heels instead of the various worst case scenarios that played through my head. I missed the more athletic of their airs above the grounds, since ponies seem to get distracted by my presence... But I still managed to get some good shots with my phone.
Redirected by the fence

WEEE Ponies!

Notice Tilly is nowhere to be seen... She was checking my pockets for treats.
Delight, showing Tini how to leap

And Tilly rejoins the party!

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