Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Ride, therefore I Am

Hey guys, guess what!!!!

I rode my ponies today!!! Like, as in the first time that I have sat on those expensive hay burners since early November! Wooooooo!!!

Who's excited? This kid, right here!

Control yourself, Alison. You're getting obnoxious.

Sorry. I'm just so happy.

Anywhoo... Today, I rode my ponies. I know, I've been in Texas for five days now, so why the wait? Well, it rained like a sonofagun for three days, and today was the first time that it was actually dry enough to ride and sunny. So I took it. Like a rat.
Let me paint a picture...
It's 65 degrees.
The stalls are cleaned.
AT is tearing down fences.
I'm wearing short sleeves.
I get it now. You're an asshole. Stop bragging.

Ahm, sorry about that. Again. I'm just so happy.
It hasn't been easy introducing three ponies into the existing three horse herd. Well, introducing is the wrong word, since I am not trying to get the herds to intermingle. I just want everyone to stay safe and sound on their own side of the fence. Is that so much to ask for?

Evidently so. AT got so excited at the prospect of three new mares that he chased RC over a fence. Twice.
So now RC is in with the other red heads.

Delight could not stand the small pasture, so she let herself out (without taking any fencing down, or opening a gate) into the big pasture with the 'other' herd. Sonnet was not pleased, but AT is in love with his new mare.

I'm hoping that the peace is going to last...

But on to my rides: Tilly was distracted. She acted like a three year old, calling for her buddies and trying to rush off in front of the aids. Mares. In under half an hour, I worked her into a white frothing mess. Not because I'm some sort of meanie head, it was the combination of tension and fuzzy UP hair. But by the end of the ride (a whopping 35 minutes), she was at least listening to me enough to do some transitions. Good news: She's not ruined. Yet.
Delight, I lunged. I admit it. After watching her frolicking in the freedom of a snow free pasture, I wanted to get any 'playing' out of her system before I got on. We did two circles, one at the walk and one at the trot- before I said screw it and got on her. She was stiff (duh), but not terrible. I didn't push her too hard, just some suppling stuff  and transitions, but forty five minutes later I had one sweaty pony. Turns out that I can train a pleasant half-way decent horse. Success!
Tini just lunged for ten minutes. I ran out of time before my lessons for the evening... But tomorrow, the tack will come out and pony will actually have to work a little. No rest for the wicked, right?

And now to do it again. And again. And again.

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