Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What a Trip...

Let me start this off by saying...Whew, what a long ass trip.

What kind of crazy person takes three dogs and three ponies on a 1600 mile drive in record cold "Polar Vortex" weather.
Let's get out of the UP!

Me, that's who.

It started out bad. I drove down with the Boyfriend. Boyfriend is not a morning person. Boyfriend was not up and at 'em when I was digging out the trailer, loading hay and loading all of my clothes. Boyfriend woke up a cranky-pants because I was 'rushing' him. Sorry, dude. It's a long drive to Texas and its even longer in the dark...

But since it was probably the only minimal snow day that we were going to have for a while, I soldiered on and we pulled out at 1pm. First trip fail.
The good news is that the ponies traveled like champs. The bad news is that due to our very very late departure, my travel plans were now moot, so the horses were going to spend 24 hours stuffing their little pony faces full of hay in the trailer.
First stop: Minnesota, MN.

After a puny 7 hours of driving through snowy, icy roads I called it quits and pulled into a Comfort Inn. The poodles were happy to be out of the car, I was relieved to be off the road.
Unfortunately that meant the ponies had a night in the parking lot. In sub zero weather.
After night one of tossing and turning- much to poodle chagrin- worrying about my horses in the cold, I got up at 6am (local time) to walk dogs and water horses.
Neat tip: Ponies are highly suspicious of warm water.

After the monstrous effort of rousing Boyfriend at a decent hour, we were off! For day two we made it to Kansas City, MO. The horses got a rest off the trailer, Boyfriend and I ate some local Barbeque and had a nice comfy hotel room. With three poodles.

Day three: We made it to the OK-TX boarder where the temperatures finally broke zero degrees. Finally! the warm southern temperatures that we were searching for! It was 16*F!

Day Four: We landed at our new home base before dark. The ponies were freed and allowed to race about the arena, rolling, bucking and playing. Chantilly and Tini were highly suspicious of the cows, but Delight had more important things to worry about. Like practicing her bucks.


  1. Hmm, 16* does not sound like Florida weather. You're going about this WEF thing all wrong, Texas!!

    Glad everyone made it down safely!

  2. I did 2400 miles round trip with 3 dogs over xmas break, although not in the polar vortex. I can relate to the crazy!

  3. Wow...long ride for the ponies. Glad you all made it safe!