Saturday, January 25, 2014


I know. Two posts a month, what the shit is this?
 Get your act together, Alison!

I'm trying! I've just been so busy... Being around horses all day everyday.
Tini is a walk-trot pony now!

Well, except for feeding the cows. Then I'm around cows.... There may or may not be a halter breaking post in my future, since the two calves- RoseEdda and Willimena - are soon going to be too big to halter break. And they are too cute not to tame up a bit.
Annabelle is excited about new hay bales
(Deduct and Willimena in the background)

RoseEdda is the bold calf

Ed, the resident bull. Laziest bull ever.

But pretty much, Texas is awesome. It's been high sixties and sunny until this last Friday. And I rode two, three, four horses a day, taught a few lessons. Bliss. The poodles spend their days hunting gophers (Bacon) and sunbathing while I ride.
Who's a happy poodle?

Friday we had an "arctic event".
Schools closed. Work was canceled. People were cautioned not to travel if it could at all be avoided.
Lows hit the mid twenties. It rained a bit.
There was ice on the trucks. Until 9 am. Then it rained.

Then it was a nice, if chilly, day. Big frickin' deal, Texas.

So what's a girl to do when there's no riding to be done, and the barn is clean? Why go shopping!
GoodWill, here I come!
I found a horse book for 99 cents and an amazing blue leather purse for $2. Win!

Today it was back to the mid sixties. And I took two lessons at a friend's in College station. Both of my Ponitas got to go for a little trailer ride (shortest trailer ride of Tilly's life with me, I'm sure), do a little work, eat a little hay while I gossiped with old horse buddies, then loaded up to go home. Best day ever? Close.

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  1. I have a sunburn on my face from outside time this weekend... yay Texas!