Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Leapy Pony 
Well.. You know how sometimes a horse is just not on board with training today?
The Blackfish was not on board yesterday.

So not on board that our ride can be summed up with a rear and a beating. Don't worry, it ended well, but sheesh are horses frustrating. Is it too much to ask my soon-to-be seven year old to get her shit together! There are seven year olds schooling PSG for Christ sake.

Yes. Yes, it s too much to ask.


So, what does one do when Ponita says not just no, but "Hell no"?

We jump.

Knees Up!
Dammit. I am not a jumper.

But Deli is.  As a matter of fact, she ceases being The Blackfish and returns to Delight. Guess I need to stop fighting it.
Over jump, much?
To make things worse. My mom watched. And took pictures as I slid around on that slick little stubben. Why don't I have one of those saddles that are padded all to hell and back? And when did my Tailored Sportsmans get so slippery?

Even her canter got better
However much I love my dressage, the sad fact seems to exist: Delight enjoys jumping. And since I can't see myself selling Delight in the near future; she's too much like my Opie to ditch her for not loving dressage (yet). So over fences I went. And she got happier and happier.
The only silver lining of this situation that I can see is that I walked through the vendors area at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show over the weekend, and I saw something that I needed to own. And the dressage ring would have a collective stroke if I wore these boots down the centerline....
Oh. My. God. Am I right?
I NEED these! So beautiful!
So, there you have it. sexy boots and adorable tail braids. The only perk of Delight's jumper dream. 


  1. Sometimes I have to remind my 19 year old to get his shit together. (19 going on 3...)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE and WANT WANT WANT that second pair of boots.

  2. You love dressage, Delight loves jumps....I think I hear eventing calling your names!

  3. I may need to start drinking heavier before sending Deli over anything solid. She has the guts... Not I.