Sunday, March 16, 2014

Off The Injured- Reserved List

Well, this weekend I attended a show right here in town. To spectate.
Let's let that sink in.
I went to go spectate at a dressage show.
What??!!?? Who does that??

Well, I do, I guess. I had origionally planned on taking Tilly. It was held at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center, less than an hour from the barn. It literally could not have been easier to get her out and about at a 'big' venue without being at a big show.

But it was not to be.

You see, I've had two - maybe three- rides on Tilly since Bucky arrived.
Not because I don't have time, but because the first thing Bucky did when turned out with the sweetest pony I own was to kick her in the knee.
I know, I know... He didn't mean to. He was squealing across the fence at RC, who thinks he's the hot stuff in town now that ATs gone, and lashed out behind him in a little sissy kick and unfortunately connected right with Tillys knee.

Tilly immediately went three legged lame and her knee swelled up like a balloon, which resulted in several weeks off and a course of bute.

Poor Tilly

Good news: I brought her to the vet (along with Tini and RC) for an X-ray and lameness exam incase there was a chip or something in there that might cause a long term issue. Her x-ray was clean as a whistle with just a  little fuzziness over the kicked area from swelling. She flexed sound and trotted off like a she was doing the triangle at Devon. The vet gave me a look (you know the one; god the dressage divas worry about everything look) and declared that she was just fine to return to work.

Better news: Tini loaded up on the trailer to go to the vet and back home in unter three minutes each time. My little mare is growing up!

Tini's first float
Best: My little formerly-blind poodle, Tempi has made a full recovery. She's receiving eye drops three times a day, but is back to her happy very active self. I hadn't realized how much she had slowed down in the past year, but it's in stark contrast to how she acts now. The fetchaholic is back!

And Bacon is happy hunting, as usual

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