Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lesson Day!

Today was grey. And humid. And spitting rain at times. Perfect day for a lesson in a covered arena, right?

So glad I planned ahead like that.
Yeah, like you can even start to take credit for that stroke of luck.

Whatever. I'm still going to count it since so far this week: Delight has had a meltdown, I got stomped on so hard I was worried I broke my metatarsals, and I fell off a horse. Shit assed week.
I need this win.

Fine. Keep it.

Anywhoo, since I was wallowing in self pity about how sucky I am and why do I even try to ride this lesson day came at exactly the right time.
Using the hind end?
Hell to the no.
 I rode Tilly first because I've discovered that riding Tilly right after Bucky makes one feel like you're riding a splinter. It's way less of a shock to your hip flexors to go little to big than vice versa.
Little Pony is not amused. Not at all.
 Today we worked on getting that hind end under. The Pony was not a fan. Fortunately this Ponita doesn't invite me to go fuck myself (like some pony I could name) when asked to work harder, instead she tosses legs around before doing what is asked in a more or less pleasant manner. Life is hard for a pony.

Evidently I was in barn uniform today
 As an interesting side note: Both AG and I wore a grey Under Armor short paired with our navy blue breeches. Who knew we were actually long lost twins? Sure, I bought my shirt from Goodwill for $5, but I'm all for team uniforms!

And next up was the Buca-Tee...
 I've mastered the trot! I can actually get my free-leased Grand Prix horse to trot! In a circle! and sometime down long sides! Why isn't everyone else as excited as I am by this revelation??!?!?!
We pretty much schooled the half-passes asking for less trot and more sideways to keep the quality of bend. At the trot. And the canter. I even nailed my fours (shut it. Counting is hard).
After some satisfactory work, we moved on to improving the trot.
Oh, sure. Don't just let me sit up there and enjoy the fact that I am actually trotting. Nooo that would be to easy....
And I'm pretty sure that I nearly died. How is it so hard to sit the trot on Bucky when it's so easy to sit the trot on Tilly? Gawd, I wish I had longer legs!
 Look at those itty bitty legs on that big fat horse.
And now the countdown begins. This time next week, I'll be schooling in Tyler, Texas at the Texas Dressage Classic.


  1. Oooo beautiful trot! A good lesson sure can be a great pick-me-up.

  2. I just started reading and your comment about a shock to your hip flexors made me choke on my water. Too funny!! Haha