Monday, July 20, 2009

Back at it...

Well... I'm starting to count down my days here... It's weird to think that I'll only be here for two more weeks. Where did the summer go? I'm not ready to leave! I'm not good enough yet!
Although ego boost of the day: I was taking Sonnet on a trailride, when we crossed paths with one of the racehorses. He was nice enough to stop, since Sonnet spooked a little, and we introduced ourselves. He said "it's really nice to see you ride everyday", then his horse cnatered off with him... So I'm going to interprety it as I don't look as clumsy on a horse as I tend to feel sometimes.
On the bright side, Mr. Cster was back in working form today. To keephim from totally locking his back (which makes for a very uncomfortable sitting trot), i warmed him up without his head. Well, not literally, but I pulled his head in to the inside of the circle in an extreme over bend, and just rode his shoulders straight (or in the direction of which ever figure I was on). This way he cant use his big fat quarter horse neck against me. As we got more warmed up and more together, obviously i didn't use the over flexion unless he tried to get too straight and braced in his underneck. Stupid underneck...
The other thing we workd on today was RC's canter. we did two main things in the canter (again using the over bending), we worked on getting RC to leave his legs on the ground a little longer, and flying lead changes. You would think that the two concepts are notrelated, but you'd be wrong. And anyone who knows RC knows that it's a dangerous proposition to try to make him do fancy shit with his legs at any speed... It remains true. He made it through the change alright, but when we went back on the 20m circle to concentrate on making the canter a little better balanced, BAM. He got all tangled up in his feet. We didnt go down, but it was close. Silly, silly horse.
After RC, it was Deli. And even though she was a little bit of a turn on friday (and I had to beat her for biting me), she still came ambling up when she saw me carying a halter. It's little traits like that that give me hope that I'll really like this horse in 2 years...
Anywho, I got Deli all tacked up, and had to pause to admire her new bridle yet again. I got it from Dover's sale catalogue... It looks stunning on her. It's black (duh) with metallic blue piping on the browband and nose band. It's actually really well madefor the price too... but I digress. The point I'm trying to make is that it looks amazing on Deli.
So when I lunged her (still admiring the bridle in the sun), imagine my suprise when she didnt even buck. She usually kicks out at least once after two days off... I was a little leery that she was setting a trap for me when I got on her (she's a smart little pony), but she just walked around the outside of the arena, then we started working. Now, admittedly "work" is only 20 min with her, but still... She walked and trotted, changing directions and doings three loop serpentines, not a single balk. We had a little buckingwhen I asked for the canter (she's still not really a fan of being touched by my legs... especially when I move them back a little), but when i didnt use leg aids, and just usedseat aids, she popped right into it and we cantered a longside before going back to trot. We did it to both directions before I took her out on a little trail ride to wrap it up. I figure that if she's ever goingto compete with RC, she'll have to start working on her bombproofing now. She's not naturally spooky, but she definatly notices more then RC does... Poor guy.

And now.... Since I'm bored and have this thing from Facebook. Enjoy

1. Show Name:
London (KWPN).
Rohos Classic (AQHA)
Irish Delight (Wesser-EMS)

2. Barn Name:
MD Equine Center
RedWind Farm

3. Any nicknames?
London-poodles, Poodles, Londy-poo, Londy
RC, C-Meister, WonderPony, Red Fury, Mr C-ster, Mr Chompers
Deli, Deli-princess, Miss Priss

4. Goes english or western:
London only does english (how would I throw a western saddle 8" above my head?)
RC does english, western and bareback... He's an all around pony. As all ponies should be.
Deli only does english at this point of her trinaing... but it's only been 45 days more or less..

5. Sex?
London: Gelding (but he loves the babies)
RC: Gelding (but thinks he's hot stuff)
Deli: filly (and reinforcing my love of mares)

6. Age?
London: 16
RC: 5
Deli: 2

7. Primary Discipline:
Dressage. It makes all of that quarterhorse stuff seem soooooo easy!

8. Show experience:
London: Shown through fourth level, was reserver champion at second and third levels at the regional championships
RC: Shown through first level with median scores of 65% at first and 67% at training level. Has also shown in the Mid-Missouri Stock Horse Association, where he was year end high point in english equitation, reserve high point in engligh pleasure, 5th place showmanship, 3rd place in horsemanship and reserve hish point in trail (all year end placings)
Deli: Has done one in hand show with her previous owner, where she won in a class of

9. Good on the trail:
London: Yes. He'll let you know when he sees something, but he's careful not to scare his rider
RC: Of course. He's Mr Steady. All the time.
Deli: She's getting there. She's starting to enjoy our daily mini trail rides, so there's hope.

10. Did you train this horse yourself?
London: No. I have progressed wth him (he was a second level horse when we bought him)
RC: Yes. I take all credit for the fact that he no longer falls on his face or canters sideways.
Deli: No one but me has ever been on her. It's really cool to ride a horse that you broke...

11. Vices?
London: None! He's the perfect loving guy... except for pawing in the cross ties. Thats annoying
RC: Well, we don't call him Mr. Chompers for nothing. Give him an inch and he'll take a mile...
Deli: She's got a little nip in her, but we're workingon that.

12. Spooky?
London: occasionally, but only if he's working hard
RC: No. He is mr oblivious. Well, other then his first level test at the championships when he lept into the arena when the judge flapped a blanket.... But then he continued like nothing had happened.
Deli: Nope. She has yet to spook with me on her. She'll let you know that she sees somethgin, but she won't spook. Not bad for 2, huh?

13. Is your horse able to be ridden bareback:
London: That's how I broke my finger.... sad.
RC: Hell yeah. He's amazing.
Deli: I haven't tried it. Nor will I for at least another year.

14. Does your horse come when you call?
London: Yes, he's too eager to please not to.
RC: Sometimes. Especially when he's competing for my attention with London. I have needy boys...
Deli: She's there before I call. She thrives on attention.

15. Is your horse good with children and other horses:
London: He loves everyone, but i wouldn't let ANY KID ride him withot dressage lessons. He's great with other horses, especially young ones.
RC: He does not need to be around kids yet (Mr. Chompers), but in a year or two, he'd be a great lesson horse. He loves being with London, but is a total jerk to anyone he thinks he can get away with...
Deli: I would NOT put a kid on her. She's two! But she's been good with every horse I put out with her. She's really submissive.

16. Is your horse worked regularly:
London: I'm not sure. He's summering with my mom. But I hope he is....
RC: Yep. He works HARD for an hour a day, five days a week.
Deli: Yep, she works 45 min a day, five days a week.

17. Ever a lesson horse?
London: Only if you count the millions of lessons I've taken on him...
RC: Nope. He'd be a nasty lesson horse... Too easy to get away with stuff. Maybe in a few years
Deli: Nope. She's two....

18. Does your horse like treats?
Do catholics like guilt? YES! they will do all kinds of humbling things for a treat.

19. Do you take lessons on your horse?
Yep... Thus why Im in El Paso for the summer.... Cramming in two years worth of lessons. And I really think that they are starting to sink in for me.

20. Is your horse easy to work around?
London: Yes, he tries not to be inthe way or pushy. He's a gentleman.
RC: No. He stole the tools the guys were using to build his shed and ran off. He's kind of a jerk.
Deli: Usually. Shedoes some dumb two year old stuff, but is pretty polite around people.

21. Has your horse ever escaped from its stall?
London: Once... At a horse show... how embarassing.
RC: He wishes. He's currently trying to tunnel under the fence of his pen. It's not working out.
Deli: Yeah. She opened the latch with her nose, and ran over the see the little pony stallion. I had to give her a lecture on how to act coy...

22. Do you feel safe on your horse?
Of course.

23. Is your horse hard to worm?
Nope. Anything for a cookie, remember?

24. Is your horse good for the farrier/vet?
London: He's a perfect gentleman.
RC better be, he's had enough practice.
Deli is getting better. She's not perfect yet.. But give her time.

25. Have you ever won a class with your horse?
When does RC NOT win a class? :)

26. Have you ever had a moment where you feel really connected to your horse?
Sure. If I didn't have those moments often enough, I would have picked up water polo....

27. Does your horse like hay?
Yes, but they prefer it liberally sprinkled with alphalfa....or sweet feed!

28. Does your horse have special feed or supplement?
RC used to be on farriers secret.... But now they are just being horses

29. Does your horse often have a very messy stall?
London is neat...
RC is a mess. Total pig sty.
Deli is a neat freak.

30. Does your horse use any special tack?
London rides with woof boots every time, and a fluffy pad with his custom saddle.
RC rides with the worlds tinyest woof boots and a fluffy pad with his custom saddle.
Deli uses RC's stuff.

31. Do you use a whip and spurs?
Yes. Even if i don't need them, I feel naked without them.

32. Does your horse like to run?
London: in the pastuer, when the weather is nice. He's too much of a gentleman undersaddle to play up like that.
RC: No. Not in any circumstance. Though he always watches the barrel horses in awe when at the QH shows.
Deli: I'm not sure yet. She'll play with her pasture buddy, but doesnt really run.

33. How many times a week do you ride your horse?
5. the weekends are Me Time. Well, and Tempi Time.

34. Does your horse have markings?
London: two hind stockings, one front cornet band. A star/stripe, no snip. He's shedding out into a nice purple/burgandy color.
RC: 4 high white socks, a star, stripe and snip. A little splash of white on his lower lip. Two white marks on his nose where he broke his halter (he looks like a total goober!).
Deli: Snip on her nose, tiny star (not that you can see it under her poofy forelock), three little white socks

35. Do you braid your horse for shows?
Of course!!! Julie would die if we didnt!
RC gets banded at the qh shows. He's too cute!

36. What color is your horse's halter?
RC and London wear black leather halters. Deli hasa brown one.

37. Does your horse follow you?
Always. And if one follows, the other runs up to not be left out...

38. Can your horse backup?
Of course... thats a third level movement, isnt it?

39. Is your horse's trot easier to sit to or post to?
London: it depends on how through he wants to be
RC: he's great either way... and his wp trot is unpostable
Deli: I only post the trot.

40. Have you ever dressed your horse up for halloween?
Yes!!! Remember that horse camp at Karins?

41. Describe your horse in one word:
London: Lovely.
RC: WonderPony
Deli: Princess

42. Has your horse ever given a pony ride?
Yes... and they liked it.
Deli: no

43. How many people owned this horse before you?
London: 3?
RC: None. I owned his mother...
Deli: 3

44. Does your horse get dirty easily?
London: stays pretty clean
RC: He's a wallower!
Deli: She's dark, so you cant tell

45. What's your favorite horsey memory?
Ooh, so many! Most recently, it was field riding with Mom and Courtney (on AT and Bucky). We were riding through the treed area, and AT stepped on a stick (you could see him planning on it) so that it rattled in front of London and Bucky. Courtney the rode Bucky over the branch, then AT maliciously hit the stick, so it rattled under Bucky. Bucky sunk down about three feet (i swear Courtneys head was even with my knee!) and ALL of his muscles quivered for a minute, like he didnt know where to run, or what to do, but didnt want to run and look like a pansy.
Mom and I were laughing so hard we were crying. And the harder we laughed, the pissier Bucky got. It was hilarious.

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  1. Hey. Bucky doesn't appreciate you mentioning his moment of weakness. Please strike it from the record.

    Is Tempi ready to come home? There's a little fluffer here who would like to play with someone his size... or smaller :)