Monday, July 13, 2009

Hell Paso

Ok, I know it's been a while. It's kinda difficult to stay motivated to write when i never get any feed back (other then my mother)... So leave a comment!
Anyway, I have officially figured out why they call it Hell Paso. It is hot as hell, and has been for the last week. MD originally told me that this was the "monsoon" season, but I'm just not seeing it. I have yet to see any rain in July, and it keeps getting hotter. Today I know I must have downed a bottle of water after every horse I worked. The worst thing is that I don't even notice the sweat... As soon as it pops up, it evaporates. RC looked like a roan after his work out because all that remained was the salt...
So, as it turns out, RC needs to work on connection, connection, connection. He's figured out how to sit (which is pretty fun to play with), so now he needs to figure out that it's easier for him if he pushes from his big ol but through his short little back and out his round neck instead of sitting way down and locking in his rib cage then lifting through his neck. Where is London when I need him to tell RC that the under neck is an ugly, ugly thing?
Today was not our best day, but then I changed things up since I didnthave a lesson and worked Deli this morning and RC around 1-2pm. RC is not a fan of the heat, as it turns out. He was really really stiff through his ribcage, and I was cranky from working horses in the heat, so we got into a little fight. But after ten minutes of cantering 10 meter circles, he relented and allowed me to move his shoulders anywhere I darn well pleased. Small victory, but a victory none the less. After that break through, he was allowed to go on a trail ride, which just made him mad. Turns out he can hear the hay cart form half mile away and was convinced that he was going to miss lunch...
Contrary to her red counterpart, Deli was very good today. There were a few balks, but she offered the right lead canter today. Though I was only trotting her around at that point, I allowed her to canter for a few strides before asking for the trot again, since that's the lead that she's been sticky on. Last time I let her quit after she got that lead, so now I suppose she figures that if she does it in the beginning, she only has to work for five minutes. Wrong, but good effort. Even though I only work Deli for about half an hour at a time, she's really fun to play with since the progress is readily visible. I mean two weeks ago, she was leaning into corners, and now she is much better balanced under the rider. Three weeks ago she balked when touched by the leg, and now it only happens once or twice a ride. Tangible progress.... So rare for dressage.
So that's all I've got for now.. Leave a comment :)

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