Monday, August 22, 2011

Alison V The Hummiingbird

I love living in the country. I really do. There are some downsides, sure… But I honestly didn’t expect this one. I have very poor cell reception in my house, so I usually answer and head outside. I can get three bars of reception if I stand on the top step of the porch, two bars if I stand on the porch, and one bar if I sit anywhere on the porch. This isn’t to say that the cell reception doesn’t just disappear on its own whim, because it does that too. It’s like playing hind and seek with a cell tower sometimes.
What does this have to do with hummingbirds?
Because I have a lovely little flower garden right off of my porch, left from previous residents, and there are two of the feisty little birds who love the flowers. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to like me as much as they like the flowers. If I’m sitting on the porch the little birds will pull back from the flowers and chirp angrily. At first that made me laugh; I’ve never heard an angry hummingbird. Here I thought that Disney had been exaggerating when they made Pocahontas’s Flit an irritable aggressive little bird.
The little flying rats will then commence to dive bombing me for a minute or two or until I move away. Chased off of my own porch by a pair of birds!

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