Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Apple a Day...

That's the apple tree that's just east of my house, and just out of reach of the second paddock. Poor RC watches the over ripe apples fall in the yard, just out of reach (if only that hot wire wasn't on!). There are apple trees in both paddocks, but none of those trees are as proliffic as the one pictured. It still only took Delight a day to realize that she could pick an apple whenever she wanted a snack.... Not to mention what RC did to the rasberry bushes. All of those years picking dewberries off the fenceline back in Texas with his thick little muzzle has paid off in spades. He loves rasberrries. Unforunatly, so do I... And now they are mostly gone. Silly horses.

I wish I could say that I had another fun anecdote about either the poodles or the ponies, however, I was in Seattle on business for a few days. Nothing to write about there... On the plus side, Delight was good yesterday- working in the hills. Nothing like the Monster Pony that she was last time. Whew..

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