Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GTT.. Or the other way around

I’ve done it. I’ve moved from the sweltering heat of Texas to catch the last of the tepid Michigan summer. I must be doing something wrong to have so much stuff to move. It took two horse trailers full of stuff to make the move. To be fair, the horses have quite a bit of their own stuff too. And the poodles had to bring their wardrobe too (because, as Dad kept mentioning, the poodles are not going to like being cold).

It took us four days to drive from Houston, TX to the UP. I stayed at national and state parks with horse facilities on the way up. If anyone is interested in a slow cross country trip, that is the way to do it. It cost less than boarding for the night and finding a motel (though it was pretty comfortable in the big trailer with it’s weekender living quarters). I was a little worried about how Delight would handle the trip, but she was totally unconcerned with the whole ordeal. She drank when offered water, ate all of her hay and pooped. No worries with her at all. RC, on the other hand, turns into Red Fury when he’s been cooped up for 24 hours, evidently. On the first trail ride in Kansas, he was up and doing his big trot, showing off for Delight, mom and me. The next place we rode was in Wisconsin… By then he’d had another 24 hours of no work. He pulled out of his halter as soon as we unloaded him and went cantering around the campgrounds. So embarrassing… Not to mention that it scared the tar out of me to have a loose horse in the Wisconsin national wilderness right after the park ranger told us that people have lost horses for weeks in there. Fortunately he was quickly caught using the sound of pouring feed.
Now he’s grazing in my front yard in the temporary electric fence that my mom and I put up. He and Delight are just loving it so far. Except for the bugs. They hate the bugs…

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  1. Im glad that you are happy Alison... I hope you enjoy it up there. But so you know you are missed here beautiful..:) Dont be a stranger call me once and a while I would love to hear your stories and what your doing..