Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Turning Pont

These past few days have been a turning point for me. I was totally overwhelmed by how much there is to do… Stalls need to be built, my house is still not totally unpacked, and I have oodles left to do. Not to mention I have to wannabe dressage horses who were rapidly losing muscle and discipline. And fear of the unknown. So I had a little meltdown.

But I’m better now.

Two days on my own, and a few rides on both (good) ponies, I can appreciate what’s around me. For one thing, it’s really pretty here. Really pretty. I can even kind of forget the ever present threat of winter while riding through old fields admiring the hills. I am even able to do dressage work while riding through the hills. My horses are relaxing, my poodles and I have taken up biking (we’ll have to see how long that lasts). And I even went on a nature hike to explore the little creek behind the house, poodles in tow.

Who knows, this Great White North experience might be good for me.

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