Friday, August 26, 2011

Alison V Nature

Nature is conspiring against me.
It rained two days this week, making yesterday the first day I was able to school the ponies for the show this weekend. The cooler weather has made Ms Princess Pony quite a handful, and I do believe that she is coming into heat. As if there wasn't enough stimuli at a county fair horse show to distract a young horse, hormones have to be thrown into the mix. Great, just great.
I finally get a nice sunny day to ride, and when I get home from work, this is what greets me:


I managed to salvage most of Delight's forelock, but RC's is much worse for the wear. He's not follicle-ly challenged. Don't even get me started on the mess that their tails were... Everyone know's how I feel about tails. It hurt me to rip those burrs out...

Now I have tons to grooming to do before a show this weekend. There's clipping to be done, socks to be whitened, ears to be trimmed, tails to be banged (though I don't know how I'll salvage RC's.. Maybe I'll tell everyone he's an Appy)... So much to do, and no heated wash stall to do it in.....

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