Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ah, the internet...

Most people I know (well, horse people, at least) frequent horse sites while wasting time online. There is no better time waster than a good horse forum.
Of course, the not so good ones can be vastly entertaining as well, assuming that you can stay out of the fray when confronted by such epic wrongness on the internet. You know what they say about getting into an argument on the internet….

As for me, I’m a member of Chronicle of the Horse Forums, aka COTH, which can be filled with knowledgeable horse people who sometimes support each other or engage in massive fiery train wrecks, usually about natural horsemanship (Parelli is guaranteed to bring out some namecalling and the every present condemnation of “read for comprehension” comment) or the future of showing and why the old days were so much better than now and those youngn’s have no idea how bad it is now. On a good day, I learn something new or at least have a tidbit to mull over for a while.

I’m not a member of Ultimate Dressage (aka UDBB), however on a slow day, I like to lurk. Which basicly means that I sit back and watch the firey train wrecks happen –Rollkur, drawreins (razorblades in the hands of monkeys), modern dressage (Klassical is soooo much better! Ask the Spanish Riding School!), showing (Riders now are ONLY about the MONEY…They don’t care if they ruin horses to win!)- without the temptation or ability to jump in and add my two cents. That probably does wonders for my sanity…
Sure, there are threads asking for help with the SI or how to stop a young horse from falling out on a circle. The replies always include “Is your horse IFV”, “Check your saddle”, It’s ulcers/kissing spine” then more advice than one person can handle- calling all basic tenants and beliefs that the OP holds into question. At that point, if the OP (original poster, for those of you not in the know) chooses to do anything but make an offering at the alter of the ODG (either Original Dressage Gods or Old Dead Guys, depending on your point of view), it starts to morph into the runaway train loaded with dynamite. Time to sit back and enjoy the trainwreck.

For those brave enough to post an actual picture… Watch out. Middle aged keyboard jockeys will jump down your throat as soon as they spot anything incorrect. Young warmblood losing balance? “The horrors, he’s neurologic!”  Rider’s hands get wide? “STOP THE ROLLKUR!” Horse displays any naughtyness or disobedience? “You’re training is ruining that animal! You should ride with [insert some classical fav here]. I do, now we only ride with sunshine and happiness” And heaven help you is your horse EVER falls behind the vertical or you just want to hear good things.

Case in point:
This thread is basically for members to post updates about their 6 year olds; where they are in training, small brags, big setbacks, whathaveyou. Not even one page into it, a cat-fight starts because someone wants to ‘just point out a few things’ to another poster. Oy vey. Hand basket of crazy, am I right?

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