Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Yep. it's that time again. When the world seem full of people in love as I order my #3 from Taco Bell to go to share with my dogs... Couples in booths, couples in trucks (who voluntarily sits in the middle of a bench seat?), couples walking their huskies.... So I grabbed my taco's and giant vat of Mtn Dew and went home so that I could surround myself with poodles. It's still love, especially if I'm holding a cracker/cookie/taco...

How does a single girls in the UP celebrate valentines day?

One word: Cupcakes. 

Step 1: Make cupcakes out of the best buttery goodness recipe you can find online. Sampling the batter is encouraged for QA purposes... The poodles gave the unfrosted cupcakes two paws up. 

Step 2: Create pink frosting out of the best creme cheese frosting recipe that you can find online. Liberal taste testing is needed to ensure that it is nearly as sickeningly sweet as it looks.  Once the perfect pastel Valentines day pink is achieved, spoon frosting into the cookie press and mechanically frost the hell out of those cupcakes. This kind of awesome frosting ability is so much more fun with a ratchet system.
Step 3: Add those chalky candy hearts that you just couldn't stop yourself from buying. Who likes these? And why can't I stop eating them?!?! Bonus points if you match the colors and sayings of the hearts to make cute appealing little cupcakes. Who can resist a cupcake that says "Be Mine" and "Dare You"?

  Happy Valentines Day, folks! 
And who's going to help me eat two dozen of these little pink treats?
"Pick me!"
"Dude, dibs"

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