Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Meet 'N Greet

Due to having a life other than my three beautiful ponies, I ran out of time to ride all three the other day. I rode RC (who was a doll... not always a perfect doll, but still not half bad), then planned to free lunge Delight and Tilly, just to let them romp around somewhere where there isn't ice. I tend to feel a little bad for RC and Deli when I turn them out because they both take a few playful steps, slip then return to their hay. Only three more months, then they will be romping in my back field....

Anyway, since it was cold, and I'm the only one who's ever using the arena in the mornings, I had an idea. Inspiration. Genius, even.

Why not introduce Tilly to Delight in the arena? I mean, they haven't officially met, per se, and it's probably smart to get this phase done before I bring the herd home (RC will throw a wrench into smooth herd dynamics, but maybe I'll build him a separate pasture for his annoying days until Deli and Tilly work out the best ways to avoid him).  Neither mare is excessively pushy or bossy, They'll probably be fine.
And, for once, I was right.
"Who are you?"
There was a little squealing, a little pawing, but nothing dramatic. No biting or kicking. Neither mare was too upset.

There was then a little bit of pony playfulness, some synchronized running and bucking, a few play rears - and of course, my good camera chose to die right then, leaving me to take crappy phone pictures). Eventually both mares decided to have a nice roll and just stand there looking at me.
So I brought out the lunge whip to encourage them to move. And they lunged in a 20 m circle around me, together, at the walk trot and canter. Who says liberty training is hard?

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