Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Steal of a Deal!

Oh, I do love finding horsey things on sale. Something about not paying full price makes the purchase all the sweeter... But maybe that's just me. Today's blog is simply a brag about my two awesome purchases.
Purchase 1: From Ebay... A 'vintage' pair of Dehner boots that just about fit me like a glove (I know, I tried them on as soon as I saw them). I took the chance on bidding on them sight unseen, especially since  know just how unforgiving my Dehner's are... But at $60, It's worth the chance. I mean, $60 is close to a 90% discount from new, off the shelf Dehners, and 94% discount from my customs. With the imminent demise of my poor Petri's, new schooling boots were n my six month 'to buy' plan anyway, so this is perfect!
Yes, they are old.
Yes they are brown (just imagine how cute they will be on Tilly!).
Yes, I'll need to put a gusset in the back of the calf.
I'm still super excited about them!

And Purchase #2: I found and ad for 10 arena mirrors on Craigslist for $100 if I would take them all. And I did. Downside is that they were quite a ways away, but we can all use a road trip to escape the UP winter every now and again. Plus side is that the seller actually had 14 mirrors, not 10, so that's 40% free! Now I'm half way to having my 'real' outdoor arena. I'll need to corral a few volunteers to help me put them up... but no sweat!

Now, of course the poodles accompanied me on my road trip to get the mirrors and I made them pose for pictures
Posing by the Bridge and Lake Huron

It's a light house!

The wind off of Lake Superior is COLD!

Is there anything colder than whitecaps on Lake Superior?

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