Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So today's post isn't ging to be about how super amazing the Tillner was on her first day back to work or how bratty Delight was when I forced her to work around all of the jump crap left in the arena for a change (hey, I did6 acres of fencing in two days.. I doubt I could lift a ho-ho today, let alone jump standards). 

Now I really want a ho-ho. 

Anyway, I was forced to ask the question "is there a penalty for killing a bluebird?" when talking to my sister over the weekend. 
The answer to that is "No. You cant kill a robin though... but what the hell would prompt you to ask that?!?!"
"That's right. I'm the baddest bird around!"
Whoops. I guess I've been in the UP for too long. As it would turn out I have a robin (not a bluebird, as previously thought) who thinks that he's a total bad ass. The only one who could ever even think that they could threaten his particular brand of bad-ass-ery  is that douche bag who seems to live in the front of this big fancy horse trailer. 
"You want some more?!? I've got plenty where that came from!"
So, this poor little bird spends about half the day alternating between posturing and attacking the shiney aluminium front of my gooseneck. It was funny for the first day. Now I'm gonna be mad if he actually dents the front of my trailer....
Side note: the bird is blue with a red chest... what is it? Other than annoying (and dead if it dents my trailer)

Oh, and I saw a sand hill crane when driving out to go get sawdust for my stalls... You know, in anticipation of my ponies homecoming...
Now, I've seen quite a few of these guys awkwardly flying around recently. And they are massive!

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