Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Fences...

So, my Uber fence is *mostly* up.

"Uber fence? What makes your fence so special?" you ask.

It's a freakin' beast!

So, on Saturday I took a nice little drive to a 'real town' to the nearest TSC and Lowes (~100 miles, give or take). I bought electric fence supplies, returned the short posts and bought T posts that are actually tall enough to keep inquisitive ponies contained. Unfortunately for my great plans, TSC was out of 6' posts. And only had 20 6.5' posts... but had plenty of seven footers, which just so happen to be on sale, as the cashier helpfully explained to me.

Perfect. Load 'em up.

So here's the problem with 7' t-posts... One has to lift the 25 pound driver over one's head and slam it down with enough force to actually drive the post straight down. There's the rub. If I'm anal enough to string a guide line so that my posts make a straight line, you know I'm gonna make damn sure that those posts are in straight.
Enter the unconventional tool:

Yep. I drove fifty, seven foot tall t-posts while standing on my kitchen step stool.
(all the while my neighbors 6 kids watched from two fence lines away. Creepy children of the corn... *shudder*)
What am I doing? Two stepping this post into position?
Surprisingly, I managed to wield the t-post driver effectively enough to not fall off my step stool in front of my audience. Also, the poodles alternatively froliced around (with Tempi pushing her tennis ball right into my workspace) and laid on the nearest hill top to supervise my progress. Oh, and Bacon rolled in cow poop while exploring the fence line.
Helpful poodles.

Also, one more thing....
(Be prepared for a little bitty rant...)
I had a friend come out and help me lay out the t-posts (I had to borrow the driver from a friend, so didn't get them pounded in until afternoon/evening) and dig four holes for my 4"x4" support posts. When moving the t-posts from the bed of my truck to their future homes along the fence line, I moved a bundle at a time (a bundle is five t-posts secured together. Like they arrive on the pallet at TSC); he moved two at a time. Two posts, not bundles. I felt like a freaking She Hulk. I dug three of the holes, and he did one. I was honestly concerned that he might expire from the exertion. Is it shallow of me to add "must me able to lift more than me" onto my list for dateable criterion?
This is NOT a good look for me!

Because, really, the She Hulk is not a sexy feeling.
Also, my arms really hurt today. Ow.


  1. LMAO! Yes, it IS a suitable criteria for future dates! Just be careful, as many a man finds a "She-Hulk" sexy...which at least means you're not pounding some things solo... ; )