Monday, April 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I had to make two separate posts to cover my weekend. The first one can focus on the clinic, and this on can talk about the other event of the weekend.

The ponies came home.

I pulled in to the farm around 4 Sunday evening and after unloading Delight (who travels like a champ... even though she's not a fan of the slow feeder hay net) and making sure that she was all settled in, and enjoying her new found freedom,calmly grazing, I made the executive decision that I would rather haul for an extra hour than have to go get the other two on Monday.
By 7, all three were on home turf.

Now, RC and Delight know each other. They have been turned out together in Texas, at my farm, and lived next door to each other when boarding. They do not know Tilly, as she wasn't stalled or turned out near them all winter. Of course, Tilly's an easy going girl, but there are still going to be those scuffles over who's who in herd hiarchy...
Fortunatly they were all too focused on grass to do anything Sunday night. This morning there was a little scuffle, but so far the only actual injury had been a bite make on Deli's forehead. 

Most underwhelming First Turnout ever...

Whoo Hoo! Some action! Except for RC...

"Let's go graze over THERE!"

Tilly's part of the herd! RC's still eating.
When I brought them in for dinner after a hour or two of outside time, they were all ready for some quiet time. RC was the only one who really appreciated the 'welcome home' gift that I had for them....

What IS this thing???
Come.... Back.... Here!

 Today, his whole face had molasses on it. Good look, RC. Good look.

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