Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Up, Up and Away!

So today was my second jumping lesson on Delight.
Much as I predicted, it was more of a case of paying someone else to pick up and move poles after we hit them. I will admit that I don't feel nearly as secure in a jumping saddle as I do in my trusty dressage saddles (even the flat knee roll-less Crosby!), so an eye on the ground was helpful.

There is something about shortening my stirrups by two holes that automatically reverts me to my 13 year old self. Gone was the secure dressage rider who solves problems by applying bend or a tactful shoulder fore, replaced by the out of balance, clinging with my thighs, plow reining 13 year old version of my riding. What gives? I had to actually think about my legs for a change! Me! Thinking about basic position!

"Sit to the inside" Duh... Oh crap. Why am I careening about on the outside of my pony? 
"Bring your legs back to stay in balance for when Delight shoots forward" Puh-leeze. My legs are... Aw, damn. She's right. I'm riding like a monkey with a wicked case of vertigo. 

Plus side? Delight and I jumped our first vertical.
Pretty sure that it was roughly that big. Or maybe it was 24". Either way, we were freakin' flying.
Also, it was ridiculously easy for Deli, hampered though she was by my "flopping like a dead fish" impression on her. She could leap it at the trot, walk and canter. Even the 'bounce' cavalettis were a piece of cake for her. Of course, she started getting sloppy as she got more and more tired (she wouldn't be so tired if she would just calmly canter past the open door, as opposed to attempting a spook-buck-spin every other time we rode on past.

Some times, I yearn of an old BTDT horse. Times like that especially....

Now I just have to master the 24-36" course for the "fun" jump show this summer.... Goals, right?

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