Friday, November 1, 2013

Dressage on a Dime

Which, ironically, is what I planned on naming Delight's athletic spin/spooks that she perfected during our bareback stint for the past two months when she was without a saddle.

But now she has....
Not a flattering angle
A Saddle!

I'm sure everyone remembers my plea to sell a kidney/egg/part of my soul to get Delight the saddle of her dreams, the only possible way top fit my 17" ass onto her 14" back... The Schleese HK with both shoulder relief AND relief wedge. The demo model was a shocking 4K, with the new model costing over $6500.

I was in the midst of preparing myself for a sodium overload associated with a ramen only diet for the next year or so, when lo and behold, what did I find?
Mmmmm.... block of noodles.
A JES with retrofitted pannels, modified to include shoulder relief AND relief wedge???? Could I be so lucky!?!? Of course, I sent the seller an email clarifying that it had both modifications. Unfortunately, as the hours remaining in the auction ticked by, I didn't hear and sort of confirmation. As hours became minutes, some one else bid on it. I decided to risk it and bid myself... even without seller confirmation. It could have been an epicly stupid move, but as soon as I won the seller contacted me to verify that this was, in fact, exactly what Delight needed (ok, so she didn't phrase it quite like that). What perfect luck! And for less than half of what the demo would have cost me.
I do love a good deal.

In related great-deal news... When I stopped by the local consignment store to buy some more riding sweaters (because why spend $60 on a warm sweater that I'm only going to destroy out at the barn when I could spend $3 at the thrift store?), guess what I found...
it's actually about 18" tall... This is an awkward angle
A mini electric fire place! I've been passively looking for an electric heater of sorts, since I absolutely refuse to bump up my thermostat to heat the whole house when I'm using just one room. Also, Tempi doesn't like to be cold. It has awesome fake flame action that make the room warm and inviting and really heats an area up... And now I have somewhere to hang mini Christmas stockings!

Who else is super excited about it!
We are!

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