Monday, November 18, 2013

And The Award for The Best Winter Tool Goes To....

The Headlamp!!!

My Mother Dearest sent me a box of goodies from LL Bean. Long underwear, short long underwear and a head lamp.
Be still, my beating heart.
Is there a better invention out there than a hands free flashlight? I submit that no, there is not. I have been using the Flashlight App on my phone, tucked into the breast pocket of my coat (gotta love a jacket with a million pockets) which has been a n acceptable solution to my taking-care-of-ponies-in-the-dark-of-winter quandry.

Now that we are well into fall, it's past dusk well into dark when I get home to bring the horses in and dump manure. I really dislike that aspect of fall.winter. Sure, I've done more reading in the past three weeks than all summer. Sure, I've gotten tons of sleep since dusk is no longer 11pm. But really, a girl has things that she would like to do after work... and those things now involve a flashlight. Bah.

Anywho... Back to my amazing headlamp.

Like any grown woman, I tore into my LL Bean bog with glee and immediately tried out my new goodies. I still had a barn to clean and horses to bring in, after all. So off I went, headlamp firmly settled on my chook.

This light is amazing! I can point it anywhere just by turning my head! It doesn't drain the battery on my phone!  And I can clearly spot my horses and dogs while I go about my chores.
This is actually mid day lighting

Interesting side note: Has anyone else notice that dogs eyes glow orange while horses eyes glow a blue green when spot lighted? Scientific fact or anomaly limited to my herd/pack? Because this matters.

Get back to the story, Alison. You are not a naturalist. Waaay too much Crocodile Hunter in your past. Sheesh.

Fair enough. Where was I? Oh yeah, I was playing with the headlamp while wheeling manure out to the pile. Look to the left? Spot a pony. Hear crashing to the right? There's a poodle.  I love this light!
Too close, Tini. Too close

On my last trip out to the pile, the horses are waiting by the gate because they have had enough being spotlighted and are just want for dinner already. Scott is harassing Delight, and the poodles are lying in the hay staying toasty.
I look left; nothing but the remains of a round bale.
I look right towards the sounds of a yapping sheltie; Nothing but trees.
No such thing as a Stealth Sheltie

I glance to the west of my manure pile, near the tree line.....; and within the trees I see it.

Or I should say, it sees me.

Glowing orange eyes peer back at me. Too big to be a poodle. Too quiet to be a Sheltie. Oh SHIT.

As it blinks a few times and hurries off silently, I dump my wheelbarrow and make sure all three dogs are still in or around the barn.

It was probably a coyote not a wolf.... But being watched gave be the heebie jeebies. Yech!

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