Thursday, November 21, 2013

How To Age Ten Years Instantly

On Tuesday I aged ten years in the time it takes to listed to one 30 second local report on the radio, as only a horse owner can.
Thirty seconds.
Ten years.
Damn these horses.

I left work with plenty of time to grab a quick bite to eat before heading out to teach lessons... Or so I thought. As I came to the first stop sign on my route to McDonald's (because really, who doesn't need a hot mocha at this time of year?) the radio DJ tried to fill the blank space between songs with a few local announcements.

Usually nothing of interest.


Today, however, I heard something that would ruin all of my evening plans for warm chocolaty-mocha-y goodness.

"And if you are missing horses, a few have been reported loose at Superior and Boundary road"

Oh. My. God.

Like any good horse owner, I immediately went to the worst case scenario.
It's getting dark, Delight's going to get hit by a car. Some idiot hunter is going to shoot Tilly, thinking she's a deer.
Alison, you idiot, everything is fine. Your fencer is on, and that intersection is five miles from home.
Horses can travel five miles! What if the neighbors pigs spooked the horses! OH GOD!
"Oh god... where are they"

So I did what every sane and rational horse owner would do: I drove home - via the loose horse intersection- to make sure that all three ponies were still safe and sound behind the fence. And, just to drive myself extra crazy, I kept scanning the radio stations for more reports of loose horses. Nothing.
12 nerve wracking miles later, I pulled into the drive and what do I find.....
No horses in the yard...

Three happy ponies munching away on their left over hay.

Whew. Thanks guys, for my first totally unnecessary heart attack.

**Pictures are actually recreations of the event. What kind of total narcissist would document such a fright?


  1. Glad they were fine...I hate that feeling!!

    PS...You have a lot of snow...yikes

  2. Nothing like a horse related heart attack to make one think all of the worst case scenarios.