Monday, June 25, 2012

Act Your Age!

Have you ever had those days where you just throw your hands up and say "Screw it! I'm sick of being a responsible adult!"?
If you have, you can relate to my Friday night (then again to my Saturday morning). I went out with my cousin and we let our hair down and were single-handedly the life of the party at the 'club'. 
It was epic. 
I am never drinking again.

Until next time....
Moral of this story is that my horses had an easy weekend. Saturday was off and Sunday was mostly trail riding (though Tilly and Delight had to actually work prior to their trail rides... Because listening to me isn't optional).  
 Is that a read paved in daises? RC isn't sure this is legit. And for the record, he's outta here if munchkins come out of nowhere and start singing. Or if I steal shoes off of some squished chick....
 All right, so it was a read end. What of it?
London can NOT believe that I would force HIM to sleep outside! In the open! On this beautiful, insect free night! For shame!

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