Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back In the Saddle

I don't know if anyone else heard my sigh of relief when I finally made it back in the saddle of my other ponies yesterday.... But it was there. And loud. Possibly epic....
"We're ready to go back to work!"

Yesterday I finally got back on Tilly and RC. London gave a lesson and Deli had the day off, so everyone was happy. I'll admit that I felt a little trepidation getting on Tilly for the first time in a week and a half (darn you trade show!), but like a bad ass I opted out of lunging.
"Pick me!"
Mostly because lunging is boring and I can't really see what it brings to the table, so to speak. Pony gets tired, but doesnt really learn to improve herself, so what's the point? (Wo)Man up and ride. So I did. 

And the Tillner was great. Sure, we had a little conversation about turning, but other than that we had a good w-t-c ride. There was even a few steps of leg yield in there, so I'll count it as a win. 

RC started out a touch stiff, using his short little neck against me but after a few minutes of 6 loop serpentines and ten meter circles, he was the champ we all know and love. The great thing about RC is that I can leave him literally out in a field for a week and a half and the next time I get on the guy, he's the same horse I got off of last time. We ended our ride with some excellent lengthenings. I dare say that he's actually improved this summer!

Make good choices, RC.
Of course, this morning it was 47 degrees... a 30 degree drop from yesterday, so the horses were happy to ho out sans fly sheets this morning...
They segregated themselves. Delight doesn't seem to care. 

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