Monday, June 11, 2012

Can't Take the Heat?

Everyone knows that when the much anticipated horse show rolls around, the weather will not cooperate. It's either cold and raining, hot as blazes or come combo of the two. This weekends show was no exception. 

I did mention that I was going to my first show as a professional, didn't I?

And that it was Delight's first recognized show?

And that I was a a trade show in Washington DC all week prior to the show? 

Doh. Of course, with a week off, Delight was fat as a tick when we got to the show, so it was time for some crash dieting (La Ponita was NOT a fan). She was also introduced to the concept of working (hard) twice a day (also not a fan). And it was hot. The odds were stacked against us. 

But we prevailed. 

Now, I have reason to believe that horse shows on my birthday weekend are lucky (remember that SLADS show in St Louis on my 21st birthday where RC, London and I were unbeatable? No?)... And that may have been what pulled us through this weekend. 
Bacon Models my birthday tiara
Of course, my show started out kind of shakey... what with Delight being fat and spoiled, but we pulled it out with training level scores in the mid to high 60's and first level scores in the mid sixties. All in all, I didn't totally embarass myself, so that was great. 

My final test of the weekend was my crowning glory. 
69.2% on Training level  test 3. QUALIFIED!!!
It was all that I could do to quell the urge for excessive celebration 
What is that? 8 for rider score? 
Of course my crew was ready to go home by then....

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