Monday, June 18, 2012

We Survived!

Why the celebration?
Because I brought four students to a one day dressage show (and Delight)... And I survived it. 

I survived the monster truck rally taking place NEXT DOOR to the warm up on friday evening. Delight was NOT a fan....
See that barn in the background? That's the show barn...

I survived making sure that everyone got braided. 

I survived getting everyone dressed and into the warm up on time. 

I survived the car crusher that operated across the street from the show grounds (popping of breaking glass, crushing metal)

I survived the disappointment when they didn't go out and just clobber the first test. 

I survived the excitement when they heard their placings, and walked away with white, red or blue ribbons.

And what's more... I had a lot of fun infecting the next generation with the 'dressage bug'. As it would turn out, dressage shows are a ton more fun than open or hunter jumper shows. Especially when your coach is there to help you through it, it would seem.
Colbert Nation's Official Sport of Summer: Dressage!

There are pictures.... but I don't have them yet, so you guys will just have to wait for it.

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  1. A monster truck rally? My horse probably would have freaked out and leapt into the next zip code! Congrats on taking students + Delight to a show—I can barely get myself ready, so I'm impressed!