Friday, June 22, 2012

Drum Roll, Please!

Be fore warned: this is going to be a picture heavy post. There might be some gushing or other effusive praise, but really, I'll try to keep it moderate. 
 Delight strolling around the warm up... the day after the monster truck rally. She really had to be convinced that it was worth her time to behave like an adult, and go forward, but not EXPLODE forward. Subtle differences, but can really change the outcome.
 Trotting around, trying to convince her that the car crusher next door really isn't going to kill her. Delight was not impressed.
 Awkward photo, but look how darling little button braids look on my show pony! I had one of the kids unbraid her while the adults packed everything up, and I quote "It's like these braids were put in my magic faeries! They'll never come out!"

 The gratuitous Delight head shot. Such a pretty face (good thing she grew into it, huh?)
The whole group, after an unnecessary amount of time was spent deciding on if the horses should stand in color order, and if so which order? Black-red-black-red-black (which was our winner), or red-black-black-black-red (there are some shots of this line up too). Either way, that's me and my pony front and center, surrounded by my students before my first level test. RC was telling Delight all about his tests that morning.
And the whole group at the end of the day, full of reds, blues, whites and smiles (Dude is even modeling his high point cooler!).

Everyone just can't wait to do it again! And the next schooling show is a two day ordeal...

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