Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 4: The Disappointment

Yeah... Title says it all. Today was Delight and I's Training Level Championship class.

We were outclassed. We did not even belong in the same arena as the top ten horses in that class. The winner earned a 77%... We closed up the class with a 65%. Not even close to good enough.


I'll watch my video when I get up the nerve to watch it. At the moment I don't really think I'm in the frame of mind to watch me fail that hard and objectively watch for where I need improvement. Can. Not. Do that.

Receiving a little coaching...

Pony Canter

Flying Pony
My first ride was first level test 3... And I felt that it went quite well. Courtney schooled me before the test, slowing our tempo by about 50% for a slower, more powerful trot and increasing the give through the rib cage. Our test, while entirely different than our normal style, felt pretty good. I would have called it a success.
Until my sister relayed my score to me. I would have guessed that it was better than a 63%...
Pony warm up, waiting on the bell

Another Hover Pony shot

Chillin with the gang

What a day. Remind me again why I do this?

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