Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Ahhhh... I'm home.

Back in the 40 degree rain that seems to be the accepted UP fall weather. All of the locals like to remind me that I have yet to be here for a real Fall or a real Winter or even a real Spring, for that matter. But I can always win the real summer war. 115 degrees in El Paso for three weeks trumps one 90 degree day any time, any where... So that's some small consolation when I smile and nod and assure them that my thin blooded Texas self sure is in for it. Again.

Anyway, in between rain showers, I did manage to take Tilly out for a ride. Yay!
She's fat, lazy and unmotivated after her two weeks off, but she was a good sport and let me play a little Dressage Queen with her. We have a long way to go before she's fit and trained enough for her recognized show debut next year, but we have all winter, right?

The way I figure it, Delight was a 70% training level horse (yes, even at recognized shows) and she got slaughtered at the championships, so Tilly had better be a 75%+ training level horse before I even think about taking her to a real show. Ouch. That math just hurts me. I remember the days when a 65% was great... Now it's not even qualifying.....


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