Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gone Country...

Today I took RC for a ride... in his western saddle and dressage bridle. Since I was sporting plaid breeches and paisley mud boots, we sure were a sight.

Side rant: I really wish that daylight savings time would come around again. I'm really irritated by having to wait til 8:30 or 9 for it to be light enough to ride and clean the barn.
Related rant: I really wish that the electric would get reconnected to my barn. How  hard is it for an electrician to stop by to give an estimate? Really people, I'm trying to pay you for a job, not just steal your time! It's next to impossible to function with no lights and a garage door that won't open and close at the push of a button any more. I know, this sounds like a first world problem (and it is, really), but it's really tough to get everything done during daylight what with lessons and my real job and all, not to mention figure out how I'm going to get hay and shavings into my barn...

Anyway, I decided to take RC for a ride this morning because Tilly got worked yesterday and RC needs the exercise... In his western saddle because I didn't want to have to walk all the way back to the house to get his dressage saddle (I actually locked up my saddles when I was out of town, crazy, right?) and let's face it, I'm feeling lazy.
I was a little worried, because RC was trotting oddly last night, so I started our ride with a trailride. London and Tilly were eating their "candy hay" (our square bales are mostly alfalfa. London loves them), so RC and I rode the fence line and even fixed a spot or two. Then I took him down and around the arena, which was too wet to ride in without worrying about pitting out my arena, and finally worked him in the grass below the arena. And we had a fun little w-t-c session.

Finally, I gave London a haircut so he looks like someone loves him, at least a little. He was so proud to have his mane hunter-short again, he had to lead Tilly and RC on a trot around the pasture when I turned the whole herd out.

And then it started to rain. So I went to work.

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